Hilton Honors – 5,000 Bonus Points For A Stay Of Two Nights

Hilton Honors – 5,000 Bonus Points For A Stay Of Two Nights By March 26, 2018.

Hilton Honors Members that register for this offer & consumed the stay by the date can earn one time bonus of 5,000 points.


It seems to be nice little bonus points promotion that can successfully register for it. Award stays with incidental spend should be eligible for full service items.

Terms and conditions apply.

Only valid for recipients of the email invitation, is not transferable, & one-time use only. Guests must be an existing Hilton Honors™ member or join Hilton Honors™ at the time of registering for the Promotion. Members who register for the Promotion & then complete a stay of 2 nights or more between now and March 26, 2018 will earn 5,000 Hilton Honors™ Bonus Points.

Must provide your Hilton Honors™ account number at the time of booking. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks from completion of your stay for Bonus Points to appear in your account.

This offer may not be combined with other select promotions, offers or discounts and is not valid for groups. Hilton Honors™ membership, earning of Points & Miles™ when booking direct and redemption of Points are subject to Hilton Honors Terms & Conditions.

Excludes Hampton by Hilton Hotels in the People’s Republic of China.

Le Club AccorHotels Thai Airways – Up to Triple Royal Orchid Plus Miles

Le Club AccorHotels Thai Airways Up To Triple Royal Orchid Plus Miles from February 1 to April 30, 2018.

Royal Orchid Plus members can earn triple miles for their stays at MyResorts in Asia-Pacific and double miles for all other stays worldwide both booked and consumed from February 1 to  April 30, 2018.


Must be careful with the airline related offers if you have any existing points in your account as they will be swept to miles without any additional bonus when you enabled the conversion (when the 1st stay posts).

The offer may make sense for someone collection Thai Airways miles. Is there will be general bonus points offer for stays in Asia-Pacific hotels coming up?

Terms & conditions apply:

  1.  This offer is subject to availability. General sales terms and conditions apply for reserved public rates specific to each hotel.
  2. This offer cannot be combined with other promotional or advantages & does not apply to groups.If the stay meets the terms and conditions for several offers, only the Rewards points linked to the most generous offer (allows you to earn the highest number of Rewards points) will be credited to your account.
  3. The Le Club AccorHotels Rewards points bonus is credited within 10 days following the end of his/her stay and converted within 6 weeks into KrisFlyer according to applicable conversion rule.
  4. Le Club AccorHotels Rewards points are credited to the member’s account within 10 days following the end of his/her stay.
  5. You must provide your Le Club AccorHotels Loyalty card number when making your reservation,  your card at the hotel reception desk when you check-in for your stay.
  6.  For the purpose of this offer, a stay is one reservation made by a Le Club AccorHotels member for one or more rooms in a participating hotel. For the avoidance of doubt, a reservation made for more than one room will therefore be considered as only one stay.
  7.  This offer entitles Le Club AccorHotels members, regardless of their membership status, to multiply by:A. x3 Rewards points for a stay in one of the participating MyResorts properties

    B. x2 Rewards points for a stay in other properties (excluding MyResorts properties) in the Le Club AccorHotels Loyalty program.

    This bonus of Rewards points is offered in addition to the Rewards points and Status points that are usually earned by the Le Club AccorHotels member for each eligible stay done in application to the Le Club Accorhotels General Conditions of Use.

    This promotion is not applicable for hotel partners of Le Club AccorHotels.

    The number of Rewards points earned for this offer are calculated based on a Classic membership status level earn rate.

    In order to benefit from this offer, the member must have activated Royal Orchid Plus as their preferred automatic conversion option ahead of the stay. This option should remain activated until the member receives the points (Rewards points & Status points) related to his/her stay on his/her Le Club Accor Hotels membership account.

  8. General Le Club AccorHotels terms and conditions apply to the Royal Orchid Plus MyResorts offer and you must be a Le Club AccorHotels member to benefit from it.
  9. This offer is valid for a member’s stay between 1 February 2018 – 30 April 2018 in one of the participating hotels worldwide, booked between 1 February 2017 – 30 April 2017.4. The stay must be a minimum of two nights.
  10. Any consecutive stays (check-out & check-in same day) in the same hotel, will be considered as a single stay. This single stay will be eligible once on the Royal Orchid Plus MyResorts offer.
  11. To benefit from this offer, your booking must be made on AccorHotels.com, participating AccorHotels brand websites & applications and via AccorHotels Call Centres. All other reservation channels are not eligible for this offer.
  12. Any stay partly or entirely paid with Le Club AccorHotels Rewards points or with one or more vouchers will not be eligible to receive this offer. Stays entirely or partly paid for with Le Club AccorHotels points, or with one or more vouchers will not count towards offers that require multiple stays for points earn.
  13. Please specify the reference [51386] in all your communications with AccorHotels call centers or customers care services related to this offer.

Referral Bonuses & 1% Cash Back with VITAL Credit Card – Ponzi Scheme or Hoax?

VITAL credit card – a new VISA  in pre-release & accepting “early-access” users who are interested before their expected launch mid-2018. 1% cash back on all purchases, cash rewards from referring others, as well as a nice metal credit card. The most important thing is referring people and earning cash rewards — does that make this Ponzi Scheme or Hoax? I was thinking this sounds like multi-level marketing program when I first time to read it.

The website shows they have more than 72,000 VITAL members at present. All it becomes a member is to enter your e-mail address. I find it interesting because I’ve looked into what it takes to create your own private label credit card & one of the big starting hurdles is having a LOT of members/potential card holders. How many people who entered email address will actually apply for the card – who learns?

Benefits for Vital Card

  1. 1% cash back on spending
  2. Competitive APR
  3. No annual fee
  4. Sharing & Earn cash rewards
  5. backed by Visa

 Tracking Dashboard by Referral

Sign up & get to see your dashboard which shows how you rank vs everyone else who signed up as well as your potential cash rewards. Impressive numbers for the top users ($5-7k for a month) don’t really mean much because you can just sign up with fake or spare email and your numbers go up. There’s no certisfication that a new user is really a new user, so the numbers are easily faked.

Cash Referral Bonuses

10 referrals means potentially upwards of $500 per month.” It sounds great right? How do they figure this out? The follow 3 levels of referral bonuses:

  • Refer a friend for  4 points
  • Your friend refers a friend for 2 points
  • Friend’s friend refers a friend for 1 point

Refer 10 people and each friend refers at least 4 people and everyone spends an average of $1500 per month. That’s a lot of people and huge assumption with the spend.

Unlocking Additional Perks

If you want to unlocks additional benefits, you must refer more friends

  • Early Access – sign up by your e-mail
  • Premium Colors – refer 2 friends &  get access to additional colors
  • Founder Status – refer 3 more friends to unlock “Founder Status”
  • More Rewards – tbd

Ponzi Scheme & Multi-Level Marketing

When I was young, I looked into &  tried my hand at several multi-level marketing companies. I still scratch my head trying to figure out how Amway survives. I am going to have a meeting where I could hear people in the audience instantly spraying the Amway branded Binaca type of breath spray…during the presentation. Pssst. Pssst. Pssst. Quite funny to watch. At the end of the day, the only people who make any money are the people at the top levels, for example Diamondmembers.

With Wikipedia, “Companies that engage in Ponzi schemes focus all of their energy into attracting new clients to make investments. Ponzi schemes rely on a constant flow of new investments to continue to provide returns to older investors. When this flow runs out, the scheme falls apart.”

Does VITAL fit here? Not have to make any investments but the VITAL card does rely on attracting new clients to make the card worth it. Maybe not a Ponzi scheme but it definitely is multi-level-marketing.

Begin Referring

It’s nothing to post your referral link in the comments below but I ask that you retweet my tweet on this post first. Then leave your link in the comments along with your twitter name so I can find you.

Sum up

Maybe the card not make sense for most people – just get any number of cards that offer cash back or points/rewards and more.For this to be more successful, I think there needs to be more real benefits for the applicant. I signed up because I’m curious how this plays out and if it actually launches.

China Airlines Premiun Economy – Round Trip Flight SYD to LAX/SFO/NYC from A$1649

Special excursion premium economy round trip fares between Australia and the US.


  • Transfers: unlimited transfers permitted in each direction.
  • Blackout dates: do not apply.
  • Time restrictions/Day: do not apply.
  • Min stay requirements: do not apply.
  • Max stay requirements: 12 months after departure.
  • Stopovers: unlimited stopovers permitted, limited to 1 free and unlimited at A$200 each.
  • Sales restrictions:  must be issued on/after 13 Jan, 2018 and on/before 28 Feb, 2018.
  • Seasonal restrictions: permitted 13 Jan 2018 though 12 Dec 2018 on the first international sector.
  • Changes: charge A$200 for revalidation/reissue.
  • Cancellations: non-refundable.
  • Ticketing restrictions/Advanced reservation: for all sectors.
  • Flight restrictions: travel between SYD and TPE must be on flight CI 056. All segments must be on Ci metal.
  • Booking class: E (Premium Economy)
  • Fare: China Airlines (CI) EAS25F SYD to AMS
  • Price: starting at A$1542 (A$1352 Base Fare + Taxes & Surcharges).
  • Travel restrictions: valid for travel commencing on/after 13 Jan 2018 and on/before 12 Dec 2018.

Instances of possible routings:

Compare with price:

Date:from February to December 2018.

Fare can be booked on China Airlines:

For travel agents:

For Accruals:


Premium tickets ex-Australia are expensive & good deals are rare. China Airlines offers a decent premium economy product & stopover in Taipei to break the log trip. This fare may be available from other Australian airports connecting with SYD on QF.


Valentine’s Day 2018 – Earn 500 Bonus MileagePlus Miles

February 11, 2018, you can earn 500 bonus United Airlines MileagePlus miles & standard MileagePlus miles earned — when you spend a minimum of $200 shopping during the Valentine’s Day Bonus campaign at the MileagePlus Shopping portal by spending the following minimum amounts of money for shopping for qualifying orders on your favorite products from hundreds of participating retailers.

Valentine’s Day 2018 – Earn 500 Bonus MileagePlus Miles

As the max number of bonus award points, it will be awarded to an eligible MileagePlus Shopping account by the Valentine’s Day Bonus campaign for 500 bonus award miles.

Bonus MileagePlus miles will be issued based on your cumulative qualifying orders made during the bonus period. Cancellations, Returns, gift card, shipping and handling, taxes or other cash equivalent purchases & certain products are not included in the bonus award MileagePlus miles eligibility calculation.

Up to 10 weeks after the conclusion of the bonus period for the bonus award MileagePlus miles to post to your MileagePlus Shopping account. This offer cannot be combined with other offers or items.

Other terms & conditions may apply.


This offer has devalued, as during a similar promotion last year, you could have earned 1,000+ bonus MileagePlus miles when you spent a min of $250 shopping.

A result of participating in this promotion can take as many as ten weeks, However if it happens after the expiration date of the miles in your account, take consolation of knowing that the date of the transaction is typically what counts and not when the transaction is approved. You may need to spend the time to send reminders to the administrators of a shopping portal if your miles or points do not post & if that is not worth your time or effort, you might want to reconsider participating in one of these promotions.

If you intend to spend money on shopping before the promotion ends, you may as well earn MileagePlus miles in the process.

Reduces Reciprocity Fee for US Citizens & Brazil Eases Visa Requirements

January 25, 2018, citizens of the US who wanted to apply for a visa to visit Brazil not only had to pay a reciprocity fee of $160; but they also were required to visit one of the ten offices of the Consulate General of Brazil in the US with a passport and necessary paperwork in order to obtain the visa. They could pay service fees for an agency to act on their behalf. The process was always time-consuming and rather inconvenient, as visitors from the United States, Australia,Japan and Canada would no longer need to travel to the Brazilian consulate nearest to them and wait in long lines, as they can apply for electronic visas using computers or portable electronic devices from the comfort of their own homes —  from virtually anywhere else where a Wi-Fi connection.

The minimum processing time of the electronic visa is 5 business days.

One negative aspect of the new visa process is that an electronic visa is now valid for a maximum of 2 years and up to 90 days per visit, as opposed to a maximum of 10 years and up to 180 days per visit — that means visitors to Brazil who visit regularly over a period of 10 years will be required to pay up to $221.20 in visa fees and service fees instead of $160 — but the vast majority of the applicants for a Brazilian visa will benefit from this process by saving money.

“The beneficiary must submit to the airline, in a first phase of the project, a hard copy or digital image of the electronic visa in order to be allowed to embark to Brazil”, with this official announcement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil “The Brazilian Federal Police is fully integrated to the E-visa system and there is a prospect, of integration to the system of e-Gates at Brazilian airports – only available to the citizens of Brazilian.


It has taken a step in the right direction,as fas as I am concerned, as I have long asserted that if a country wants to increase tourism, it needs to relax its reciprocity fees or visa requirements.

2 examples of countries which did just that are  Argentina & Chile.

February 12, 2017, Belarus relaxed both visa fees and requirements.It seems to be an effort to increase tourism. I still have articles which I need to write pertaining to my experiences in Belarus.

Saudi Arabia is expected to issue tourist visas later year.

Make visitors and tourists spend that money on local businesses within a country instead. After all, the government will collect taxes by businesses.

Different reasons for a country want to impose restrictive visas on visitors — keeping track of them while they are in that country; as well as to have a revenue stream — they do stand the chance of losing out on the economic benefits of the dollars of tourists and business people when the process of securing that visa is unnecessarily complicated and prohibitively expensive. North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Russia are 3 countries which instantly come to my mind when it comes to the hassle of getting a visa; however Brazil has been known to not exactly have the easiest or least-expensive process either, as evidenced by this discussion expressly posted on FlyerTalk for answering questions pertaining to tourist visas for traveling to and from Brazil.

As for as I am concerned, countries which have such restrictive visa policies indicate to me that they are not friendly countries; or perhaps they just do not want for you or me to visit for whatever reasons — and yes, I do understand that there are people who view the US in that manner as well. In today’s “shrinking” world primarily due to technology, that is a potentially costly mistake. Restrictive visa policies may scratch the “tip of the iceberg” pertaining to greater issues within certain countries; but they do not help in promoting being part of what should be a peaceful global community.

The fees to secure a visa for a visitor, I believe that the economic benefits would more than make up for it. That former reciprocity fee of $160  per person for a visa to visit Brazil can now instead go towards patronizing businesses & other areas of the general economy, which in turn should increase tax revenues for the government as one of many benefits. I am by no means an expert on economic policies in global economies; but I believe that charging exorbitant visa fees actually does more harm to countries economically in the long term than helps them.

Therefore, countries should do whatever is possible to strike a realistic balance to ensure their security & charging fees to visitors: attempt to have the visa process as easy as possible for visitors to enter countries without compromising on smart security; and lower the visa fees as much as possible — or even consider eliminating them.

Earn Double Tier Credits at Total Rewards

Earn Double Tier Credits at Total Rewards in February

Total Rewards is offering double tier credits in February, up to a max of 25,000 tier credits.  It is in an effort to appease the angry players & gain back some favor.

Terms & Conditions apply:

Sign up & get double your Tier Credits in February – up to a maximum bonus of 25,000 Tier Credits.

Earn tier credits the following ways:

  • Spa Services
  • Shopping
  • Dining
  • Hotel Purchases
  • Table games or Gambling on slots

Earn 1 point per dollar. It is based on your rate of play and length of play.


If you were planning a trip to or gambling at any of the Total Rewards casinos in the month of February, it is a good offer for you.  It essentially cuts the cost of free lounge access (25,000 tier credits) or Diamond status (15,000 tier credits) in half.  If you are able to earn the points needed during the month of February. If that holds true again it would be possible to turn 5,000 earned tier credits into 30,000 tier credits.

5,000 tier credits earned in one 24 hour period for work though. That would initiate a bonus of 10,000 tier credits for a total of 15,000 which would then be doubled to 30,000.

The lastest IHG Point Break – 5000,10000 or 15000 points for IHG Hotel

IHG updated the new list which includes alomost 200 properties. However you still will not see (and probably will never see) those incredibly desirable properties in NYC, LA, Paris, Bora Bora and so on. There are some good properties available at a discount. It is filtered by 5,000 vs 10,000 vs. 15,000 point properties. This promotion is for reservation January 29 through April 30, 2018.

Here are some good ways to earn points for the Point Break hotels:

  • Transferring points from Chase Ultimate Rewards – Transfer your Chase UR points at a 1:1 ratio, although compared to the other transfer partners it is not a great value. But if this is your only way to get the 5,000-15,000 points.
  • IHG Rewards Credit Card – Earn a free night to stay at any IHG with every single year & card annual fee for only $49

IHG only allows you to book 2 PointBreak reservations per account.

ZipRecruiter Amex Offer – $200 Back when you spend $249

About the deal: 

Get a $200 statement credit when you spend $249 or more in one or more transactions online by July 16,2018.

Terms & Conditions apply:

  • US website & online only.
  • Merchant reserves the right to decline to provide services to businesses whose industries or job advertisements do not comply with merchant’s own terms or policies, including the Job Quality & Inclusion Guidelines.

Get the idea:

Get $25 cashback for ZipRecruiter which would take the total cost down to $24 if spending exactly $249. It appears to be the only portal offering cashback at the moment.

However, it’s not clear as to how much ZipRecruiter costs to use. After checking out the Pricing page. I did an online chat & they told that it depends on your requirements, so you’d need to take out a free trial & post a job to find out. ZipRecruiter Amex Offer is only for people or businesses looking for employees. That’s because it doesn’t cost anything to search and apply for jobs yourself. I’m only seeing the offer on personal American Express cards rather than business cards.

Get more cheap fares – One way Flight Southwest from $49

Get more cheap fares – One way Flight Southwest from $49

About the offer:

Cheap Fares starting at $49 or 2,323 points one-way. Book by 1st Feb, 2018 for:

  • International travel: from  April 3 to May 17, 2018.
  • Travel to/from Puerto Rico , San Juan: from April 3 to May 17, 2018.
  • Domestic travel: from February 20 to May 23, 2018.


Terms and Conditions apply:

  • Travel is available for one-way Wanna Get Away® fares.
  • Fares not available to/from Rochester, NY, Albany, NY.
  • Domestic and Puerto Rico, San Juan travel blacked out May 24-25 & May 28, 2018.
  • Purchase from January 30 to February 1, 2018, 11:59 p.m. in the respective time zone of the originating city.
  • Domestic travel is valid only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Travel to Florida and Nevada and from Florida to Nevada is valid only on Sundays to Wednesdays. Travel from Florida and Nevada and from Nevada to Florida is valid only on Tuesdays to Fridays. Travel to/from San Juan, Puerto Rico is valid Monday – Thursday. International travel is valid Monday – Thursday. Travel to Cabo San Lucas/Los Cabos, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta is valid only on Sundays to Wednesdays. Travel from Cabo San Lucas/Los Cabos, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta is valid only on Tuesdays through Fridays. Travel to/from Mexico City; Liberia, San Jose and Costa Rica, Costa Rica is valid daily.
  • International travel valid April 3 through May 17, 2018. Domestic travel valid February 20 through May 23, 2018. Travel to/from Puerto Rico, San Juan valid April 3 through May 17, 2018.
  • You need to order 21 days in advance.


They often have good deals for your travel plans. If you have a Southwest Companion Pass this offer gets significantly better. Fares are nonrefundable however may be applied toward future travel on Southwest Airlines, as long as reservations are canceled before 10 minutes to the scheduled departure.

Make sure to maximize your credit card rewards. Amex Platinum that offers 5x MR on airfare, Chase Sapphire Reserve for 3x UR on travel, or Citi Prestige for 3x TYP on airfare.