American Airlines Business Class Meals on Transpacific Flights

American Airlines Business Class Meals on Transpacific Flights

American Airlines is making a move that should better align themselves with joint venture partner Japan Airlines on flights from Tokyo to the U.S. and with hoped-for joint venture partner Qantas on flights from Australia to New Zealand and the U.S.

Japan Airlines’ Chef Jun Kurogi has curated a menu for American’s Tokyo – U.S. flights – this is not a change to catering for flights originating in the U.S., just for flights departing Tokyo.

A sample premium cabin Japanese meal:

They have brought on celebrity chef Sean Connolly who has restaurants in Australia, Dubai & New Zealand and who has been featured on various TV shows to curate a salad, a small plate, 4 main dishes & a dessert for flights departing from Australia and New Zealand.

They have added departures from China to the markets where they’re featuring Chef Maneet Chauhan meals, which are served between the U.S. and South America & from the U.S. to Europe.

In the Qantas joint venture re-application they have made the point that American is forced to come up to the standards of their joint venture partners with their products.

This is a benefit to consumers from the joint ventures. That was true with the launch of American’s Sydney service and broadly speaking they have viewed their Sydney, Hong Kong & Auckland, flights as premium for soft products like pajamas in business class.



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