Costing More Points from 2 Hyatt Hotels

Every year there are a ton of hotels changing categories (some going down a category while more go up a category). Fortunately this year, only 2 hotels are changing categories.

About the 2 categories affected include:

  1. Hyatt House Washington DC / The Wharf – a category 2 and moving to a category 3
  2. Hyatt Place Knoxville/ Downtown –  a category 1 and moving to a category 2

In the past, Hyatt members would have a few weeks to make reservations at properties that were going up a category to lock in the lower points rate. In this situation, we are being told that this is in affect today starting at 9pm CT. So you have half a day to find out about this change and make the reservation. Book now, you can get the lower rate. But any changes to the reservation made after this date will be booked at the higher rate.

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