Delta Air Lines – Round Trip Premium Economy (Delta Premium Select) Chicago to Beijing from $755

  • Fare: Delta (DL) GLX0ZPPD CHI to BJS
  • Booking class: G (Premium Economy)
  • Day/Time restrictions: permitted Mon through Thu on each transpacific sector
  • Price: from ā€Ž$755 (from $450 Base Fare + Taxes & Surcharges)
  • Minimum stay requirements: travel from turnaround must commence no earlier than 12 hours after arrival at turnaround
  • Maximum stay requirements: 12 months after departure
  • Seasonal restrictions: permitted 05MAR 18 through 29APR 18 on the outbound transpacific sector
  • Flight restrictions: All sectors must be on GA flights, including codeshares
  • Advanced reservation/Ticketing restrictions: reservations are required for all sectors
  • Transfers: unlimited transfers permitted
  • Blackout dates: do not apply
  • Travel restrictions: do not apply
  • Sales restrictions: tickets must be issued on/before 28FEB 18
  • Changes: charge $300 for reissue/revalidation
  • Cancellations: ticket is non-refundable
  • Stopovers: 2 stopovers permitted at $100 each

Price comprision:

Possible Routing:


About Accruals:

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