Hilton Honors Buy Points Targeted Bonus Campaign

Hilton Honors Buy Points Targeted Bonus Campaign

Here is the link:

Hilton Honors has launched a new targeted buy points campaign with unclear expiry date.

Hilton Members can buy up to 80,000 points every calendar year, although this limit is sometimes doubled & it is before any possible bonuses.

The email that was forwarded to me offered 60% bonus, although some members may have higher bonus or no bonus at all.

Draw a conclusion:

The best use of Hilton Honors points is when the paid rates are through the roof or some of those 5,000/10,000 points properties or lower cat properties that have high paid rates.

Hilton Honors sells points several times a year at 100% bonus or at 50% off.

The price of a point purchased during these sales is 0.5 cents each.

If your account is not eligible for 100% bonus, I would wait until one of the better offers surface in due course.

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