Marriott’s Website Forces Password Change Upon Login?

Marriott’s Website Forces Password Change Upon Login?

When I logged into my account and paaword to Marriott’s Website, I was presented screen that is usually associated with database/account breaches. I was required to change my password immediately or otherwise I was not allowed to proceed.

Many companies have had trouble securing their customer information including Yahoo that had a huge breach few years back where email addresses along with names and passwords were stolen.

The password requirements:

You need to have minimum 8 characters, lower and upper case letters & number or character(s).  Getting difficult to remember, right?

Draw a conclusion:

  • I was using unique email address for Marriott Rewards that I don’t use for any other loyalty program and same with the password.
  • The wording that Marriott used here is something that I have come to associate with companies that have had their databases beached and information stolen.
  • I contacted Marriott Rewards that assured this was not the case. Marriott, according to the spokesperson, requires members to periodically change their passwords (I have not changed mine for years) or the password on file didn’t conform to the current requirements that Marriott has (mine didn’t).


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