SPG Platinum Members Can Transfer Very Small Amounts Of Points To Airline Loyalty Programs

SPG Platinum Members Can Transfer Very Small Amounts Of Points To Airline Loyalty Programs

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SPG Platinum Status that it’s possible to transfer SPG points to airline miles starting at just 1 mile transactions.

While this might sound stupid it does actually have plenty of purposes like ‘pinging’ an airline account with an activity to keep your balance from expiring or to top up the balance to the nearest 1000′ level for purposes of a redemption.

Most airline loyalty programs have shifted to a policy that requires a transaction on the account in specific time frames between 12 and 24 months in order to keep the mileage balance from expiring.

This can be tricky especially if one has many accounts of which a few are dormant without any transactions.

Maybe you applied for a credit card a few years back because there was an interesting signup bonus & there are 50,000 miles on that loyalty account that you haven’t used so far.

Alaska Airlines say their miles don’t expire Alaska ties their expiration of the miles to the account being active which requires activity within 24 months.

The language is rather vague:

Mileage Plan miles do not have an expiration date & may remain in an active account indefinitely, provided that the Mileage Plan program has not been terminated pursuant to these conditions of membership.

Activity in an account includes redeeming a Mileage Plan award or accruing mileage in the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan program.

However, notwithstanding any term to the contrary, if a Mileage Plan account is inactive for 2 years, Alaska Airlines may close the account, delete any mileage balance and reassign the Mileage Plan number.

An example where it’s great to just dump 1 mile into the account for an activity ping and to extend the lifetime of the account for another 24 months just as I did last year:

Another reason could be that you have an odd balance on your frequent flyer account & redemptions are usually in full thousand-rounded amounts.

If you have the situation, transfer 96 SPG points, converted to 96 Lifemiles.


The advantage of this is I don’t have to pay for an additional full 1000 miles either by purchasing them or using the cash & miles option which depending on the airline can save money that’s unnecessary to spend for purchasing another 1k in order to issue the award.

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