Transfer hotel points to Aeroplan & receive a 25% bonus

Aeroplan 25% Transfer Bonus when you convert before April 16, 2018. 

If you have a specific redemption in mind, this may be of interest to you. You have to convert enough hotel points to earn at least 5,000 Aeroplan miles to get the bonus.

Note that the total amount of miles received from the conversion of hotel loyalty program points into Aeroplan miles must be greater than or equal to 5,000 Aeroplan Miles in order to be eligible to receive the 25% bonus.

If you have points from hotel loyalty programs and you are unsure what to do with them, get your chance to convert them into Aeroplan Miles & receive 25% Bonus.

Terms & conditions apply:

  • Bonus offer valid only on conversions received from eligible hotel partner loyalty programs points into Aeroplan Miles made between March 12 and April 16, 2018 (11:59 EDT).
  • Bonus Aeroplan Miles will be issued by Aeroplan as follows: once the total Aeroplan Miles are earned by exchanging points from any combination of eligible partner programs during the promotion, the bonus miles deposited will represent 25% of the total miles earned from the exchange, Bonus Miles Crediting: Bonus Aeroplan Miles may take up to 4-6 weeks to be credited after the promotional offer end date of April 16, 2018.



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